Parent & Child Fostering

As a charity, we passionately believe that all children need a loving and safe home and where possible if a child can remain with their parents, we believe this is a positive outcome. Child and parent fostering is where you offer a home to both (or maybe to both parents and the child). The parent may be under 18 and will be a looked after child themselves. Sometimes they will be placed during the pregnancy so you can help them prepare.

There are a number of reasons why a parent may require a placement. They may need additional support, help and advice, and your role will be to teach and support so they can move to independence. Or there may be significant concerns about parenting capacity and assessments are being made about their capacity to provide care to their child. In this situation as a foster carer you will be contributing to the assessments, maintaining clear and concise recordings to provide to the social worker and Court.

Child and parent foster carers are provided with specialist training and require approval by the fostering panel.