What is the role of the foster carer during a child & parent placement?

A foster carer caring for child & parent placements is slightly different to other types of fostering – the foster carer is there to teach and support the parent so that they can hopefully move on to independence, but the role involves a lot more reporting and logging of activity. You help contribute to the assessment if there are significant concerns about parenting capacity, and therefore you will be logging both positive and negatives things that you’ve observed.

You will give support with skills for independence such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and life skills. The role of the foster parent is also to provide an opportunity for enhancing the self-esteem and social skills of the parent, to support them in coping with trauma they’ve experienced and to ensure a positive experience for the parent and child.

Is there specialist training for child & parent fostering?

Child and parent foster carers are provided with specialist training and require approval by the fostering panel. TACT provide a detailed and comprehensive training package to all our child & parent foster carers – read more about it here.

“It’s incredible to see the bond developing between the parent and their baby”

– Carole