How does it differ from adoption?

Long term foster care differs from adoption due to the child’s legal care status. In long term foster care the children and young people remain in the care of the Local Authority and fostering regulations apply throughout the time they are living with you. As a long term foster carer you will not be granted parental responsibility for the child you are caring for.

Sometimes a child requires a long term placement and a match is identified at the outset. In other cases, a child may be placed as a short term placement and the care plan then becomes long term. If both the child and the foster carer want the arrangement to become long term this will be considered by the child’s social worker in consultation with TACT.

As a long term foster carer you will get to see the young person in your care flourish into a young adult, the rewards gained from this are multiple. As their foster carer you will build a strong relationship with the young person as you guide them through their childhood and meet the challenges along the way.

“We are so proud to see him become more independent”

– Florrett





“Establishing relationships with the children has been an incredible journey.”

– Natalie & Terri