The History of TACT

The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (TACT) was formed in 1992 by a group of local authority service managers, who were also qualified and experienced social workers, who had expressed concerns that the rapid changes were resulting in the lack of adequate foster care and adoptive placements.

As local authorities were encouraged to provide home-based foster care in place of large residential children’s homes, Independent Fostering Agencies (IFAs) like TACT were established all over the country to find homes for children and young people.

TACT was established as a charity from the outset, to ensure that any surplus income was reinvested into the organisation to help meet the needs of looked after children.

TACT has grown both in size and scope and there is now a national network of TACT offices in England, Wales and Scotland. The type of care offered to individuals is based primarily upon one thing; the best needs of the cared for child or young person. The whole ethos of TACT is based around ensuring the best quality of life for those in care.

To this day our core remit is to provide high-quality, child-centred fostering services. However, we also campaign on behalf of children in care, carers and families.

1992 – Changes in children’s services provision
Instead of local authorities placing children in their care in residential homes, increasing priority was placed on offering family based care to a much wider range of children and young people both in terms of their age and the complexity of needs that were presented. This move was also consistent with the rapidly emerging philosophy of providing care close to children’s own family, school and social contacts.

1992 – The start of TACT
TACT (ex. The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (TACT)) is set up in response to changes in child care policy. These rapid changes made it difficult for local authorities to meet the increasing need to provide foster care and adoptive placements
The organisation was subsequently registered as a charity ensuring that any surplus income was reinvested in meeting the needs of looked after children placed with TACT.

2004 – Merger with Prosibs Fostering Agency

2004 – TACT becomes a voluntary adoption agency (VAA)

2005 – Merger with East London Foster Carers

2007 – Merger with the Independent Adoption Service (IAS)

2007 – Merger with Children Law UK (CLUK)
Children Law UK worked to benefit children involved in the justice system. The organisation was incorporated into TACT’s external affairs department, which campaigns, lobbies parliament and works with the media on behalf of children in care.

2009 – Merger with Parents for Children (PfC)

2019 – Merger with Supported Fostering Services (SFS)

2020 – TACT continues to provide a safe and stable homes for children and young people who are unable to live with their birth parents.