Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

We are looking for foster carers across the UK to specialise in unaccompanied and asylum seeking fostering. Many of these young people have been separated from their families, either in their Homeland or during transit to the UK.  As you can expect, these children are often extremely distressed and frightened as a result of the overwhelming experience they have been through. Fostering young people who are seeking asylum does come with its challenges but is also hugely rewarding as you start see them settle into their new life in the UK. In some cases the children will speak little or no English.

As a foster carer specialising in asylum seeking fostering, you can help and teach these children the skills they need to successfully build a new life and ways to overcome their traumatic past. We will work very close with you and provide specialist training to help you support children who are seeking asylum.

We try to place children and young people with families where some of the culture or language may be known about the young person to be placed. However, this is not always possible, and we therefore want foster carers who are resourceful and will be able to facilitate the young person to maintain their culture.