Plan of Action

We are committed to doing more going forward, and have set out to do the following by September 2021:

  • Introduce more explicit anti-racism training into our compliance programme. This will include introducing greater support and training on how to discuss race and promote anti-racism. The conversation about race and racism is wide and far reaching. Learning about it involves a combination of training, listening, reading of books, honest conversations and self-reflection. Training will not be successful if used in isolation, so we need to understand things such as protected categories, unconscious bias, privilege, allyship, what inclusive behaviours are and how we demonstrate them
  • Introduce further sessions for all employees to better understand microaggressions, stereotypes, and how to actively be anti-racist
  • Give employees and foster carers from different ethnic backgrounds a voice.
  • Get feedback on the lived experiences in the organisation
  • Set an expectation for more open dialogue on race and of anti-racism
  • In addition to formal policies and processes, introduce a safe, informal system for those on our programmes and employees to raise any experiences of discriminatory behaviour
  • Extend our wellbeing offer to explicitly cover those who have experienced trauma associated with racism
  • Continue using events such as Virtual Cafés, Social Work Breaks and training sessions to discuss race and anti-racist practice
  • Invest more in attracting Black, Asian and minority ethnic background staff and foster carers. We will do this by advertising all jobs through diverse channels and will use job boards which specialise in attracting diverse candidates.
  •  Use language that is inclusive and use fair and consistent approaches to the recruitment and selection of staff and carers
  • Provide mentorship or coaching for Black, Asian and ethnically underrepresented employees who want to progress to more senior positions either within or outside of TACT
  • Engage a Board member to sponsor and support the blm working group and any other employee voice groups.