Sibling Groups

We know that it is important for siblings to remain together where possible when they need a foster care placement. Children placed in foster care tell us this is what they want. There may be occasions when siblings cannot be all placed together due to concerns of behaviour or risk, but in most instances we strive to keep siblings together as much as possible.

For children coming into care, often the only support network or constant presence they have experienced comes from their siblings. After going through what can often be traumatic experiences together, being able to remain with the sibling group can bring safety, familiarity and comfort.

Foster sibling groups like Nicky & Darren and keep brothers and sisters together

“We wouldn’t change our experience of fostering siblings for the world”

– Nicky & Darren




Why foster siblings?

Fostering sibling groups can sometimes be challenging and demanding, but it is also extremely rewarding. In 2018, more than 5,000 children in care in England & Wales were not experiencing the shared childhood with their siblings that they ought to be, but we can only change this through more foster carers. We are looking for more foster carers who want to give brothers and sisters a stable family home, particularly those who can care for the larger sibling groups. Could you foster sibling groups of two children – or more?

“I love seeing the children achieve things they never thought they could.”

– Elaine