Policy and Campaigning

The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (TACT) is the largest dedicated fostering charity in the UK.  At TACT, not only have we been helping to provide loving homes for vulnerable children for more than 25 years – we are also a voice for children in care. Which is why we campaign for the issues that matter to the children and young people that we support.

We seek to influence public policy around care across the UK, working with politicians, civil servants and other stakeholders using our considerable expertise and experience as a service provider to campaign for positive change.

TACT is a member of the following partnerships & networks:

The Fairer Fostering Partnership

The Fairer Fostering Partnership is a group ofThe Fairer Fostering Partnership charitable and not-for-profit fostering agencies across the UK that advocate for children in respect of regulation as well as representing its membership at central government. As well as being a member of The Fairer Fostering Partnership, TACT CEO, Andy Elvin, also Chairs the group.

Alliance for Children in Care and Care Leavers

Alliance For Children In Care and Care Leavers

The Alliance for Children in Care and Care Leavers is a coalition of organisations that is calling for a clearer framework on what care should be aiming for, and for gaps in the system to be addressed.


Kinship Care Alliance

Kinship Care Alliance

The Kinship Care Alliance seeks to influence policy, service delivery, professional practice and legislation in respect of kinship care. Kinship care is the full-time care of children by grandparents, other extended family members, or adults with whom they have a close family-like relationship.


Stand Up For Siblings

Stand Up For Siblings

Stand Up For Siblings is a Scotland partnership aimed at influencing the law, policy and practice to protect the rights and promote the well-being of siblings when they become looked after.

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