Andy Elvin, CEO of one of the UK's largest fostering charities - TACT

Andy Elvin TACT CEO

“Children and young people are at the heart of everything we do. Our job is to challenge the prejudice that looked after children often suffer and help heal the trauma many have suffered.

Our foster carers and staff work together to ensure children’s needs are met. I am proud to be working for TACT and to be part of an organisation that is helping looked after children to realise their aspirations”.

Andy Elvin, TACT Chief Executive

Our Vision

Better lives for our children and young people

Our Values

  • Aspirational by helping others to grow, we grow ourselves.
  • Passionate – we are determined to keep improving what we do. We will ambitiously pursue the best outcomes for everyone we work with and strive for excellence in all we do.
  • Customer Focussed – we shall listen and respond to the people we work with, children and young people, their birth families, carers, our staff, our supporters and local authorities.
  • Fair and Equitable – we will be open and transparent, communicating what we do and why we do it, based on equality and respect for all.
  • Beyond Profit – reinvesting our resources into services for our carers and improving outcomes for children and young people.

Key Strategic Aims

  • Our Services – provide and develop a diversified and innovative range of services to children and young people who are on the edge of care, in care or leaving care.
  • Thought Leadership – position ourselves as a ‘go to’ organisation for best practice and develop our reach within the sector to improve outcomes and services for young people.
  • Our Children and Young People – supporting and enabling children & young people so that they can recover from trauma & go on to develop their confidence, well-being and skills and achieve their ambitions
  • Participation and Consultation – engaging with young people, carers, our staff and other stakeholders so that their views and aspirations help to shape, deliver and improve services.
  • Consistently Outstanding – investing in our staff, carers and partnerships, always striving for excellence
  • Our Sustainability – maintain a robust and sustainable financial and governance model while allowing for growth and development