Fostering Teenagers

Fostering teenagers could be the most rewarding thing you ever do.

Across the UK a large percentage of the young people needing foster homes are teenagers. We are looking for foster carers who can provide teenagers with a safe, stable and secure home – where they can build their self-confidence, and move on to leading independent lives.

Graph showing that fostering teenagers is sought after compared with other ages

There is a common misconception that teenagers who are in foster care are difficult or troublemakers, that they are in care because of something that they have done – but this is not the case. This myth is not only unfair on young people, it is also the reason that many people rule themselves out of fostering teenagers.

Teenagers in foster care, like any other age group will have been removed from their family for a wide range of different reasons. A large percentage will have experienced abuse or neglect, for others there may have been concerns about the home environment or the parents ability to care for them or meet their needs.

A graph showing the reasons why children come into care

Most teenagers are in care because of incidents or situations that are beyond that young person’s control.

Teenagers in Foster Care

Being a teenager is difficult at the best of times, but for young people who have grown up in care it can be an even more anxious and worrying time. As well as the normal challenges that young people face during the transition to adulthood, teenagers in foster care are also coming to terms with being separated from their family, the background and experiences that have brought them into care and also the uncertainty about what the future holds.

For people considering fostering teenagers, it is important to try to understand the young person’s background, the challenges that they may be experiencing and the impact that may have on their behaviour. They may have issues with trust and may ‘act out’ as a way of hiding fear or insecurity. As a foster carer being supportive is key, helping the young person to understand and manage their feelings, build their self-esteem and gain their trust.

This is Sally-Ann & Ryan, who have been fostering teenagers since 2017

“Our first placement was a 15-year-old. At first, we were a little nervous about what to expect. Other than a few minor challenges expected with parenting a teenager, the placement was very successful and she fitted really well into our family. We had the pleasure of having her as our bridesmaid at our wedding…”

Support with fostering teenagers

We understand that the idea of taking a teenager into your home may be daunting (parenting any teenager has its challenges!), but you are not alone when you are fostering with TACT. Our role is to support you to be the best carer that you can be for the children and young people in your care.

From your first contact with us and throughout the application and assessment process, our team are on hand to offer honest advice and support. Once you are approved, we will work with you to make the best possible placement for you and your family. You will receive 24/7 support from your Supervising Social Worker and your local TACT team. You will also have access to extensive training to help you learn and develop your skills throughout your fostering career.

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Our fostering teenagers fees

Foster carers are highly skilled people, and our fees and allowances reflect this.

If you join our fostering team, the total fostering allowance that you receive will vary based on a number of factors, including the number of children that you care for, their age, and the complexity of their needs.

You will also receive additional payments for children’s birthdaysholidays and religious festivals. Additionally, we also pay long service awards and a Recommend a Friend fee (if you recommend someone who then goes on to be an approved foster carer with us).

Read more about our fees and allowances.

Rebecca & Gareth have been fostering teenagers since 2014

“At first we were nervous about caring for teenagers, due to a lack of experience, but we soon found out it’s a great match for us. They are always open to new activities and experiences – we enjoy going rock climbing, go-karting, or just swimming in a leisure centre together.”

Could you foster teenagers?

Like all children in foster care, regardless of their age, teenagers are in need of a safe, secure home and carers who can see their potential and help them to achieve it.

If you feel that you could change a young person’s life, you can make a no obligation enquiry today by completing the enquiry form on this page. Our team of enquiry officers will talk you through the process of becoming a foster carer with TACT. We are a charity, so we place no pressure on anyone to apply. Fostering needs to be the right choice for you and your household.