Step Down Fostering

Step down is also known as residential to fostering. Sometimes a child or young person needs the type of environment that only residential children’s homes can provide. However, as they receive support and care to address the behaviours that caused them to be placed in the home, they improve to the point that they are able to be considered ready to live in a family environment and a foster carer is sought.

If you were interested in this type of fostering, there would be opportunities to meet the child or young person and introductions would be set at an acceptable pace for the child to adjust. You would receive additional support in the early stages from the residential unit. There would be a carefully put together care plan so that all professionals and support would be in place.

Step down fostering helps children make the transition back into a family unit which we believe is a much better outcome.

Fees and allowances are enhanced due to the complexities of the placements and additional costs that may be incurred.