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Pride in the North West

Thank you to LCR Pride – organisers of the Pride in Liverpool celebrations on Saturday 29th July – for giving TACT the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and generate awareness of the need for more LGBTQ+ foster carers in the North West.

TACT visibly inclusive at Bourne Free Pride

Thank you to the Bournefree Pride event on Saturday 8th July for giving TACT the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and spread the word that we need more LGBTQ+ people to consider fostering. 

Last two days of Pride Month

With Pride Month in it’s last two days of celebration, TACT staff and LGBTIQA+ foster carers are getting ready to man stands at Bournemouth’s Bourne Free Pride, Meyrick Park on 8th July and Liverpool Pride, Mann Island on 29th July, and share our pride in LGBTIQA+ fostering.

Pride month – it takes a village

Pride month is an opportunity to connect, unite and advance equality, diversity and acceptance across communities.

It’s Pride Month

TACT is celebrating Pride Month and we are proud of our LGBTIQA+ foster carers…