Pride month – it takes a village

Author: TACT Communications

Pride month is an opportunity to connect, unite and advance equality, diversity and acceptance across communities. Foster children need to feel accepted and this is something that the LGBTIQA+ community acutely understand and empathise with. It is important for our wider communities to understand that identifying as LGBTIQA+ is not a barrier to fostering. Drawing on a saying from the Igbo and Masai people, “It takes a village to bring up a child”, it is through the combination of secure and positive support from TACT, the foster family and extended family that a foster child can thrive.

We asked some of TACTs young people what they thought makes a good foster parent.

This week we share Matthew and Danny’s foster care story.

TACT fully supports diversity and inclusion. If you are considering fostering, read about the benefits to being an LGBTIQA+ foster carer here.