Foster Care Fortnight 2024: Fostering Moments

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Foster Care Fortnight is the annual campaign that shines a positive light on foster care.

Established by The Fostering Network in 1997, it is a celebration of the dedication and commitment of foster carers across the UK. It is also a call to action, raising awareness of the need for new people with caring dispositions to help make a difference to children’s lives.

The theme of Foster Care Fortnight 2024, which runs from 13th-26th May, is ‘fostering moments’; those instances, big or small, that create memories and help young people to begin a recovery from past trauma. In short, those moments that define fostering journeys.

In many ways, it can often be the smaller moments that make the biggest impact. Young people may find larger gestures to be too overwhelming for them to absorb and appreciate.

Whatever that fostering moment is, it’s about making a connection with a young person. It’s about making them feel cared for.

Damian has been a TACT foster carer since 2022. He provided an inspiring fostering moment for Foster Care Fortnight.
“Fostering is memory making and about creating magical moments. I presented him with opportunities to do things he otherwise hadn’t experienced before.”

Our Fostering Moments

We asked our team of foster carers to talk about their defining fostering moments. We were moved and humbled by what we received. Here are just a few of the many inspiring moments that were shared:

David, who has been a TACT foster carer since 2023, said “I purchased a new bed for the teenager I look after. When he got home from school and walked into his bedroom he was speechless. He informed me he had never had a ‘big bed’ and thought it was fantastic. He gave me so many hugs.” Glyn & Deborah, who have been TACT foster carers since 2018, said “We shared a huge special moment when he managed to go on an airplane for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed his first holiday abroad.” Linda & Mark, who have been TACT foster carers since 2017, said “We have a 17 year old young person who was very insecure and needed help with every single interaction. He has grown so much in confidence that he managed to phone the bank on his own (without asking for help).” Gemma & Jenilee, who have been TACT foster carers since 2020, said “Gemma and I both go to the gym every day and the children have embraced this. They come to the gym, come running with us and have recently come to support me doing the London marathon.” Mark & Fiona, who have been TACT foster carers since 2001, said “One of the boys has learning disabilities. He continues to be involved in the football team I coach, and having gained the skills whilst in our care, now teaches lifesaving in my lifesaving club.” Kate, who has been a TACT foster carer since 2022, said "The boys learning to ride bikes will be a memory that stays with me forever. I will never forget their whoops of joy as they shouted, “I can ride a bike!”

Create your own fostering moments

By becoming a foster carer, you will create your own fostering moments that will help make a difference to young people’s lives.

Foster carers provide stable, caring and therapeutic environments that help children and young people to recover from past trauma, helping them to rebuild their own lives. They support young people in their education, work life and beyond, and help them create memories and provide experiences.

Foster carers can have such a profound and positive influence on a care-experienced young person that they often stay connected into adulthood.

Create your own fostering moments by becoming a foster carer.

To start your journey today, there is just some initial criteria to fulfil:

  • To be at least 21 years of age
  • To have at least one spare bedroom in your home
  • To be a full-time resident of the UK, or have indefinite leave to remain

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all three points above, we would love to talk to you more about fostering. To get started, simply complete the form on this page. Our friendly team will provide you with more information about our allowances, training, support and what makes TACT different to other fostering organisations.

Rhianydd & Gary, who have been TACT foster carers since 2006, said “We always try and find out their interests and buy something associated with that to show the young person how wanted they are.” Alice & James, who have been TACT foster carers since 2022, said “We’ve got to make lots of memories and do new things together. My highlight might be taking a musical-obsessed teenager who had never been to the theatre before to see Hamilton in London.”

Sharing you fostering moments

If you are a foster carer already, you can inspire others by sharing the fostering moments that have made a difference in your household.

A fostering moment can be big or small. It could be a day out, or a family day in. It can open up a new hobby, a friendship or experience. It could even be just an unexpected moment in time that made a connection with a young person, and made them feel cared for.

What fostering moment will you share?

Use the hashtags #FosteringMoments and #FCF24

Richard holding a fostering moments photo frame, for foster care fortnight