Pride in the North West

Author: TACT Communications

Thank you to LCR Pride – organisers of the Pride in Liverpool celebrations on Saturday 29th July – for giving TACT the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and generate awareness of the need for more LGBTQ+ foster carers in the North West.

Jon Broadhurst, Area Manager (NW) said, “The day was absolutely fantastic! TACT staff and foster carers thoroughly enjoyed the amazing Pride atmosphere, as well as meeting all the many visitors who came to our stand to learn more about fostering for TACT. We hope that we have managed to inspire members of the LGBTQ+ community to consider changing children’s lives and becoming foster carers”.

TACT is proud and appreciative of its LGBTQ+ foster carers. Children in care in the North West need stable homes. Reach out now and we will answer your questions or find out more.