TACT visibly inclusive at Bourne Free Pride

Author: TACT Communications

Thank you to the Bourne Free Pride event on Saturday 8th July for giving TACT the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and spread the word that we need more LGBTQ+ people to consider fostering.  And well done to the stand organisers and LGBTQ+ foster carers Natalie and Terri (pictured below) who are such passionate advocates for TACT and fostering.

LGBTQ+ TACT foster carers

Christina Brandi (pictured below), Strategic Director of Children’s Services and Deputy CEO, was also flying the TACT flag on the stand and said: “A huge thank you to our foster carers for organising our presence at Bourne Free Pride on Saturday. The parade and stall were a fantastic way to demonstrate just how visibly inclusive TACT as a fostering agency truly is”.

Christina Brandi at Bournemouth Pride March.

TACT foster carers Natalie and Terri are among the charity’s amazing LGBTQ+ carers across the UK and members of TACT’s LGBTQ+ network.

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