Siblings Day 2022

Author: TACT Communications

April 10th is Siblings Day, an opportunity to celebrate the close bonds that exist between brothers and sisters and highlight the need for more foster carers able to care for sibling groups.

Most children in care have at least one sibling and far too often they are separated, usually because of a lack of foster families with available space to accommodate them together. In 2020, the BBC reported that more than half of sibling groups in care are split up.

TACT recognises the importance of keeping siblings together and works tirelessly to ensure that they are able to do so wherever possible. We are a member of Stand Up for Siblings, a partnership in Scotland that seeks to promote the well-being and protect the rights of siblings in care by influencing law, policy and practice.

We are able to keep siblings in care together thanks to our many incredible foster carers who have opened their homes and hearts to enable brothers and sisters to continue to live with each other.  Here are five inspiring stories from TACT foster carers that have opened their homes to siblings: