Results from our TACT Connect Evaluation

Author: TACT Fostering

During the summer, an interim evaluation of our TACT Connect membership scheme was conducted, with surveys being sent out to assess the effectiveness of the scheme as a supportive community for TACT care-experienced young people.

Responses were collected from 42 TACT staff members across the organisation, 14 TACT foster carers, and 53 TACT Connect members.

The feedback that was collected really helps us make sure we’re providing the connection and support that members need, when they need it, and we’re delighted with the results from this report.

Here is an overview of the outcomes, with targets exceeded in all areas:

Outcome Target Level Attainment
Care experienced young people have socially supportive networks in place beyond their foster families 70% 94%
Care experienced young people broaden their horizons / pursue opportunities to maximise their potential 75% 92%
Care experienced young people are empowered to navigate adult transitions / manage responsibilities 75% 91%
Care Experienced young people maintain / improve wellbeing as they move into adulthood 75% 91%
Lived experience of care among young people is understood, recognised and valued 75% 89%

TACT Connect has delivered over and above expectations in terms of the difference it makes to care-experienced young people. Membership has clear benefits in terms of assisting members to maintain or improve wellbeing as they move into adulthood.

Some highlights from the member satisfaction element of the report:

  • 96% of members would recommend Connect
  • 96% of members feel relationships with the team are equal and genuine
  • 94% of members feel ownership of TACT Connect rather than recipients of a service
  • 91% of members feel the support provided reflects their interests and needs

TACT staff also reported high levels of satisfaction, with 90% saying they do, or would, recommend TACT Connect to foster families whose foster children are approaching adulthood.

TACT Connect is very much a collaboration with our members, giving our young people a voice and a safe space to develop their interests. We are currently working on what new things we can introduce to develop TACT Connect further, so keep your eyes peeled for updates… And, as this was just an interim report, we’ll share a full update in April.

Thank you to everyone who has supported TACT Connect and continues to help us enrich more young people’s lives!

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