TACT Connect

We all get to the age where we find ourselves living more independently. Whether that’s moving out on our own or finding a flat share, figuring out what we want to do for work, or considering some further education, these things can bring about a mixture of excitement and nerves around change. There can be a lot to consider and, when you are care-experienced, it can be tricky to find others who truly understand the unique experience you have.

This is why we started TACT Connect!

What exactly is TACT Connect?

TACT Connect is a community designed to offer a safe place for those who are care experienced to return to throughout the journey into adulthood and beyond! Our team work in a trauma-informed way, meaning there is a real sense of empathy and understanding that comes with the community.

Totally free to join, TACT Connect is both a social space and a homebase packed with resources; we have regular virtual meetups and events, a friendly team on hand to listen to you, and an online Hub full of opportunities, blogs, advice and regular freebies! What we offer reflects what you want and need; we understand a community is a two-way street, so we never take an ‘us’ and ‘them’ approach! Our members have the most important voice in TACT Connect and your feedback is central to how we grow and change!


Can I join?

If you have lived with TACT foster parents and are 15 years old you can join our Hangout, a space to chill with others who are interested in being around other care experienced young people, some who are mentors. When you join, you will be sent a membership box, and be able to chat to our dedicated Connect Team.

If you have lived with TACT foster parents and are aged 16 or above, you can join Connect, and access our full membership package listed below.

So what are the perks to being a member?

Upon becoming a member, you get a Welcome Box from us. Nice right?! After that, the way you decide to use your membership is completely in your hands! You could attend workshops (previous have included crafting, writing, cooking), write an article for our members magazine ‘Connected’, mentor (or be mentored by) another fellow member… or something else entirely! There’s lots of choice at TACT Connect. Whether you come to virtual meetups weekly, join the odd event from time-to-time (we’ve had movie nights, game nights, day trips), or just use the online Hub to access helpful information, we are here to be alongside you in your journey.

There’s also a paid opportunity available to become a TACT Connect Advisor; our advisors are the link between us and our members – they give us valuable feedback which reflects the community and helps us to improve it.

See below for the full list of what we currently offer (all completely free of charge!):

  • A membership welcome box
  • Access to our members only online Connect Hub
  • Connected (our quarterly magazine)
  • Online meetups & special interest groups
  • Workshops (e.g. cooking crew, crafting, Singo)
  • Monthly freebies / gifts from our Bargain Bay
  • Weekend holidays away
  • Mentoring – member to member
  • Accredited courses with ASDAN
  • Access to our TACT Connect financial enabling grant
  • Paid and voluntary job opportunities
  • Bespoke education and employment guidance
  • Support and guidance throughout adulthood





How do I become a member?

  • Fill out the registration form on this page.
  • One of the TACT Connect team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to chat. We will then get to know you a little and answer any questions you might have.
  • On the same day, we’ll send you a welcome email with a login to the Connect Hub, our exclusive online members’ area. You’re ready to begin your Connect journey! Look forward to your shiny membership box in the mail…

If you’d like to speak to our friendly TACT Connect team, please email [email protected], or call 020 8695 8107.