TACT Connect

TACT Connect is an innovative program that provides care experienced adults with access to a supportive community, practical support, information and guidance. We aim to be there to celebrate success as well as lend a helping hand when required.

At TACT we recognise that leaving care is a challenging time for young people, especially as many will not have the help of a supportive family network. Young people in care are surrounded by professionals dedicated to their welfare, TACT Connect aims to ensure that care experienced people continue to be supported throughout their adult years.

TACT Connect has built an impressive network of care leavers that support and celebrate one another, while keeping in touch with TACT. By being part of TACT Connect, you will become part of a lifetime community that continues to care and show other care experienced people that they are not alone.

Members also benefit from: 

  • Regular newsletters packed full of helpful advice and shared experiences
  • The chance to meet other care experienced people
  • Opportunities to learn and access new skills
  • Support in reaching their aspirations
  • Access to grants
  • Advice, support and information about a range of subjects


If you’re interested in finding out more about TACT Connect, simply complete your details on the form on this page.


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