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At TACT we’ve learnt from experience that leaving foster care can be a mixed bag. For some this can be a time when there is a lot of change and uncertainty. For others whilst the change may not be significant, there may still be a loss of familiar foster parents or professionals, or both. Whilst for others leaving care may feel more like a relief and a time to spread their wings.

Whatever a young person or adults experience, we are here at TACT Connect to offer an ongoing community, to celebrate good times, and to offer continued support throughout a TACT care experienced person’s lifetime. Here at TACT Connect we have created a membership scheme available to young people and adults from 16 years old onwards with a focus on connection, supporting members in easily obtaining and finding information via our Connect Hub, and also offering fun, self-development and additional learning.

Our scheme not only offers perks such as a membership box, opportunities to be spend time with likeminded people and an online Connect Hub, but also the opportunity to access life coaching, to be a part of a mentoring scheme and much much more.

Please see below to view our developing TACT Connect offer:

  • We support our members to speak up and shape and influence what we do and offer.
  • Membership packs are available to all TACT Connect members.
  • Online members only community.
  • Regular newsletter, created by our members.
  • Regular local Meet Ups.
  • National Annual Connect Meet Up.
  • Access to our Peer Mentoring Scheme – as a mentee/ mentor.
  • Opportunities to enhance recruitment and training with our TACT Connect community being a part of key areas of TACT such as fostering panels, interviewing and training for foster carers.
  • Money management support.
  • Self-development opportunities.
  • Life coaching sessions to be offered by a TACT care experienced person.
  • Financial grants

To become a TACT Connect Member, simply complete your details on the form on this page.

Alternatively if you would like to know a more about our scheme, please don’t hesitate to contact our TACT Connect Team on 07793580393 or Connect@tactcare.org.uk

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