London Marathon build up with Ben

Author: TACT

Ben ran the Virgin London Marathon for TACT last year and has bravely decided to go through the whole process again. Having been through the care system himself he has a real affinity with TACT and speaks passionately about our work. With just under a week to go until the marathon we caught up with Ben to see how he has found preparation for the marathon this year and why he is running again.

Why are you running for TACT again this year?

Personally, having been through the care system, I understand what these kids are going through. For me to be able to give back, contribute and make a difference (however little or great) to the children in the foster care and adoption process is a brilliant feeling. Giving a second chance to a child in care is the whole reason why I have chosen to run for TACT again!

How have you found training this year?

Training…the endless miles, constant aches and countless blisters on my feet but I know it’ll all be worth it when I cross the finish line.

The training tips provided from TACT throughout the year have really helped and has spurred me on. Even going the extra mile to send me links on how to recover from those dreaded shin splints!

What advice would you give to people trying to fundraise?

The key to fundraising is timing and organisation. With help from TACT providing letters and emails as well as sending confirmation letters to various football clubs etc it has been pretty smooth sailing! TACT even emailed me a list of easy fundraiser ideas to help boost fundraising efforts.

Also, once I explain to people the work that TACT does, they dig deep and hand over notes and coins without hesitation.

What advice would you give to people running for TACT in the future?

Don’t be shy in asking them for help or communicating any worries. They are on hand all the time and come up with some great solutions to problems and provide valuable advice.

TACT is very good at keeping in touch so at no point will you feel isolated or in the dark about what you could do for fundraisers/last minute sponsor boosting tips or where you should be in your training.

What is your best memory of running for TACT?

Meeting up with everyone beforehand and then again afterwards. It was great to just talk about the run and catch up with everyone-plus having a well needed massage and shower!

If you’d like to sponsor Ben visit his fundraising page

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