Streamlining Skills To Foster

Author: TACT Fostering

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Skills To Foster is a standardised and mandatory course that fostering applicants need to take in order to progress on their fostering journey. It is usually taken over three consecutive days, and is delivered within the fostering assessment stage. Here at TACT, we’ve taken the bold move to reduce the course to two days, as well as providing our fostering applicants with options of evening and weekend courses. So how can we shorten our courses by an entire day, and how does this benefit our fostering applicants?

“Committed applicants are able to progress with their interest in fostering quicker.” – Simone, TACT Deputy Recruitment Manager

What is Skills To Foster?

Skills To Foster is usually a three day course designed to provide a 360 degree view of fostering. It operates as training and development in its own right, albeit at such an early stage in the fostering application process. It also affords the applicant the opportunity to decide whether fostering is the right choice for them and their household.

Here at TACT, the course is taken virtually via video conferencing. It is hosted by one of our Social Workers, along with an existing TACT foster carer – and is often attended by two or three fostering applicants.

The course is split into sessions, covering areas such as the role of a foster carer, identity and life chances and safe caring. It is interactive, reflective and informative – providing ample opportunity for applicants to ask questions and to feedback on how certain scenarios and resources make them feel.

Why did TACT streamline Skills To Foster?

The feedback we have gathered from previous fostering applicants has informed us that it was sometimes difficult for people to take a full three days off work, or away from other commitments such as childcare.

By reducing the training days to two, and by providing some weekend and evening courses, we have been able to offer a flexible Skills to Foster training option that enables committed applicants to progress with their fostering application at a quicker pace.

Additionally, our internal course booking facility provides a visual calendar of available courses, that our applicants can conveniently book on themselves.

Is the same course content delivered?

The same course content is delivered in our two day courses, when compared to the existing three day course that other organisations offer.

We are able to do this by providing some resources for the applicant to digest ahead of the training. Not only does this ensure that applicants are fully prepared, but it provides the freedom to do this at their own pace. Ultimately this leaves more time for any questions and interaction with both our staff and existing carers.

“Not everyone is able to take 3 days out of their work and personal commitments to get more information about fostering.” – Simone, TACT Deputy Recruitment Manager

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