Sons & Daughters Month: Olivia’s poem

Author: TACT Fostering

October marks Sons & Daughters Month, a time when we acknowledge, thank and celebrate the contribution made to fostering by our foster carers’ own children.

As any carer with their own children will know, fostering is a family commitment, where all members of the household are involved to some degree. Specifically, the contribution that carers’ own children make is incredible. Not only do they welcome, play with and talk to children who are placed within the household, but they are resilient enough to deal with their departure. The difference that they make in-between can truly help change other children’s lives.

We wanted to share a poem written especially for Sons & Daughters Month, by Olivia – who is the daughter of some of our wonderful foster carers. Olivia completely distils the practical, emotional and the most rewarding parts of living in a fostering household.

Fostering – by Olivia

We’ve had the call – someone is coming,
Hundreds of thoughts racing around my head – the feelings are almost numbing,
My tummy jiggles and flips,
Mum can’t tell me much, only snips.

I’m nervous – but for them it’s worse,
It can be difficult at first.
Will they be long? Will we all get on?
Remember – for them it worse.

Two weeks have gone by – the house is such fun,
Outside Mum shouts – “you all need a run.”
Full of chitter chatter,
We will go to the park where the noise won’t matter.

Mum’s very busy – with less time for me,
How long are they staying?
”We will have to wait and see”
That’s one thing I don’t like – the uncertainty.

We are friends for life – but now they are going,
The difficult bit is not really knowing.
Be happy, keep in touch, I hope that you do, 
And then they are off to pastures new.

The house is empty and I feel sad,
“Come on you guys – it’s not so bad”
Time to reflect on the difference you’ve made,
Time to be proud of the part that you’ve played.

A big thank you to Olivia for writing that heartfelt poem for us. Also another big thank you to all of our carers’ own children. Your contribution, your patience and your willingness to share your parents’ time with other young people is awe-inspiring.