TACT sign open letter calling on children to be at heart of recovery

Author: TACT Communications

TACT is one of the signatories of an open letter to government from over 100 children’s sector organisations, calling for children to be put at the heart of the plans to be rebuild after the pandemic, which was published in the Telegraph today.

The letter raises the damaging impact of the pandemic on children’s physical and mental health, and urges the government to focus it’s policymaking on addressing these issues.

“The Government must produce a new vision of childhood to support children, young people and their families to recover from the impact of COVID-19. Their voices must be at the heart of plans to rebuild, backed by renewed investment in the services and workforce that they rely on.

This will require action across Whitehall and in town halls to improve the quality of education, health, early years, youth and social care services. It must be accompanied by a commitment to protect children facing additional challenges, like those with disabilities, those from minority communities, and those growing up in poverty.”

If you do not have a Telegraph subscription, you can read the full article here.