TACT Responds To Children’s Minister’s Adoption Letter

Author: TACT Communications

An article in the Guardian has featured TACT’s response to a letter Children and Families Minister Michelle Donelan has written to local authorities urging them to prioritise adoption.

TACT’s CEO said: “I had hoped that politicians had moved beyond this insulting language and unthinking devotion to adoption. Children in foster care are not ‘waiting for a permanent, loving home’: they are living in one. Long-term stability is vital and it is achieved in different ways for different children.”

“For some it is returning to birth parents, for some it is going to live with a relative who has selflessly come forward, for some it is long-term foster care, for some it is residential care and for some it is adoption. There is no hierarchy to these options, it depends on the individual child’s circumstance.”

You can read the full article by clicking here.