TACT ranked 4th best charity to work for

Author: TACT Communications

TACT has been ranked 4th best company to work for in the charity sector, and 31st best company to work for overall.

TACT has retained its status as a two star organisation in this year’s Best Companies pulse survey, indicating “outstanding” levels of employee engagement.

The survey results indicate that TACT particularly excelled in the following areas:

  • Having a strong social conscience, and being keen to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Managers supporting staff and talking openly and honestly with their staff
  • Managers taking an active interest in the wellbeing of staff
  • A feeling of support within teams, and a sense of belonging and commitment
  • A good work/life balance
  • Having a ‘safe’ place at work
  • A genuine intent to promote wellbeing

83% of respondents agreed with the statement “people in my team go out of their way to help me”.

77% of staff agreed with the statement “I am happy with the balance between my work and home life”.

75% of staff agreed with the statement “the experience I gain from my job valuable for my future”.