TACT presents Social Worker award at Fostering Excellence ceremony

Author: TACT

The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (TACT) was delighted to have supported and presented the award for Outstanding Contribution by a Social Worker category at 2015 Fostering Excellence Awards ceremony last night (17th November).

Speaking at the ceremony, which was organised by The Fostering Network and attended by HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Martin Clarke, TACT Learning and Development Manager said: “TACT is pleased to be supporting the Social Worker category of the Fostering Excellence Awards. As a leading UK charity offering adoptive and foster families for vulnerable children and young people, TACT is all too aware of the incredible personal and professional contribution, dedication and commitment that social workers make every day to help a fostered child or foster family to succeed. TACT welcomes the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the vital role that social workers play in the fostering community.”

Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network, said: “We are proud to have TACT supporting the Outstanding Contribution by a Social Worker Award at the 2015 Fostering Excellence Awards. This prestigious event has recognised the commitment, dedication, and skill of the whole fostering community, and it goes a long way to highlighting the positive work of foster carers right across the UK.

“Without the support of TACT we would not have been able to recognise the achievements of these social workers who have gone above and beyond to serve foster carers, and the children and young people that they care for.”

Outstanding Contribution by a Social Worker Award winners

Debbie Welsford

Debbie has over 25 years of experience as a social worker and she gives nothing but her full effort and attention. She has a knack of supporting the foster carer, while also being able to view the situation from the young person’s perspective. She goes above and beyond her duties, visiting often, ringing, texting or emailing, as well as being known to sleep overnight to support a struggling family. She is also a respite foster carer, which she does alongside her full-time job.

Jacqui, a foster carer who Debbie supports, nominated her and said: “Because of her long experience, you always know that Debbie’s advice comes from hard won experience. She never makes you feel you have failed and is ready to catch you if you stumble along the way.”

Kerry Cannon

Kerry is extremely committed to her role as a children’s social worker and tries to ensure that every young person gets the right support and is settled and happy. She is always ready to receive calls from the young people she is a social worker for and has been known to sit with young people until 1am when they have run away or been upset.

Steph, a young person who Kerry works with and who nominated her, said: “Kerry goes out of her way to make sure every child is treated properly. She treats every young person like her own. She is the kindest, most hardworking woman in the world. And she is still able to get down with the kids!”

Roger Ward

Roger is a fantastic support to the foster carers he works with, always treating them as professionals, listening to their concerns and suggesting strategies which work. He always goes the extra mile to support his foster carers when placements become difficult and there are a number of foster carers who say that they would not still be fostering were it not for his support.

Robert, a foster carer who Roger supports, nominated him and said: “One evening we had a serious issue and when we contacted Roger he came straight out. He stayed until late evening to get the issues resolved even though he was supposed to go out to dinner with his family.”

Martin Clarke was joined in presenting the award by TV presenter and host of the ceremony, Holly Willoughby.