TACT launches new free Black Lives Matter school curriculum

Author: TACT Communications

A free and comprehensive Black Lives Matter (BLM) curriculum for Primary and Secondary Key Stages 1&2, and 3&4, is now available from TACT – the UK’s leading fostering charity. BLM – Making the Connections Educationally  aims to empower children and young people to promote empathy, respect, and understanding, in line with the BLM movement, and teach them about the contribution of Britain’s Black community in the UK.

Both teacher friendly, and engaging for children and young people, this resource has been developed over two years by qualified teachers from TACT’s Education Service in conjunction with social workers and foster carers. It covers topics in all the curriculum areas including Maths and English, and will provide inspiration for young people to peacefully stand against racism, and treat all people equally and fairly, irrespective of skin colour or race.

It is TACT’s ambition to help educators decolonise the curriculum and promote open discussions and ensure that none of our young people suffer racial oppression.

BLM – Making the Connections Educationally is free to download (see links below) and comes in both digital and print-friendly versions.  There is a QR code for anyone who would like to make a donation to show their appreciation for the resource and to help us further develop our work in this important area.

Print KS1&2: https://www.tactcare.org.uk/content/uploads/2022/10/Making-the-Connections-Educationally-KS1-KS2-Print-Version.pdf

Online KS1&2: https://www.tactcare.org.uk/content/uploads/2022/10/Making-the-Connections-Educationally-KS1-KS2-Online-Version.pdf

Print KS3&4: https://www.tactcare.org.uk/content/uploads/2022/10/Making-the-Connections-Educationally-KS3-KS4-Print-Version-1.pdf

Online KS3&4: https://www.tactcare.org.uk/content/uploads/2022/10/Making-the-Connections-Educationally-KS3-KS4-Online-Version.pdf


TACT’s Education Service

In April 2019 TACT set up a dedicated Education Service with the aim of supporting all of our children, young people and foster carers to achieve the best possible educational outcomes, while also offering advice and guidance to TACT social workers on matters relating to education.

TACT is committed to being an actively anti-racist organisation. Whilst we will focus on issues that directly affect our children, young people, foster carers and staff, we will also seek to be an ally to others to promote positive change across the UK. I have been overwhelmed and encouraged by the energy, expertise and commitment from our carers, young people and staff and their determination to make this business as usual at TACT.