TACT fostering success story on BBC’s The One Show.

Author: TACT Communications

When Kokob arrived at the home of TACT foster carer Debbie, she was a shy 13 year old unable to speak a word of English, having arrived in the UK after a traumatic journey from Eritrea, East Africa.

This week, 17 year old Kokob, and Debbie both appeared on BBC TV’s One Show to talk about how Kokob has thrived in the care of Debbie and made fantastic strides in her education.  Debbie talked with immense love and pride about how determined her foster daughter has been to make the most of the opportunities she has been given. Kokob was full of gratitude and praise for Debbie and the supportive and loving home she has provided her.

And from once not speaking a word of English, it was announced on the One Show that Kokob is about to start sixth form college.

Debbie and Kokob’s story is a fantastic example of the restorative and life changing difference fostering can make to a young person’s life.


You can watch them on the One Show on BBC I Player.  Watch from 27.30 in.

You can also read Debbie’s heart warming blog here