TACT CEO reacts to data showing rise in Special Guardianship Orders

Author: TACT

The number of Special Guardianship Orders in England has tripled in two years, according to data obtained by the BBC.

The number of orders rose from 160 in 2012 to 520 in 2014.  Children being placed for adoption has been falling.

TACT’s CEO Andy Elvin appeared on The Today Programme on Radio 4 to discuss the data and the importance of finding the right permanence solution depending on the needs of the child.

Listen to the interview (it starts at 1:17:36).

He also appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Programme on BBC 2.  Watch the interview

Andy Elvin outlines TACT’s position on Special Guardianship Orders: “TACT welcomes the fact that more children and young people are finding permanence through Special Guardianship Orders. TACT is committed to finding the best permanence options for children and young people. We are concerned that insufficient post-placement support is available for some children in special guardianship placements. Children find permanency through foster care, extended family, adoption, residential care and returning to birth parents. We call on the Department for Education to urgently look at establishing a permanency support fund and not focus on supporting one route to permanency above any other.”