TACT celebrates the views of young people

Author: TACT

Children and young people are at the core of TACT’s work and we believe that listening to and valuing their views and ideas helps them to reach their potential, and helps us to deliver better services for our foster families.

This year we interviewed 84 young people across TACT about a range of issues, including their views on being in care, what they think of their TACT foster carer,  and the issues that are important to them. The full report of our children’s survey will be published in 2015, but Children in Scotland magazine has featured the views of young people from TACT Scotland in their most recent issue.

We are incredibly proud that every child in Scotland rated their TACT foster carer as ‘very good’, and said they feel like part of their carer’s family and that their carers make them feel good about themselves. The responses show that, with the right support, ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference to young people’s lives.

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