TACT carers Anthony and Anita in the Metro

Author: TACT Communications

TACT Cymru carers Anthony and Anita appeared in the Metro to share their experience of fostering with TACT.

The couple discuss the relationship they built with David, who they fostered in 2017 until moving on to independent living this year.

“We may not be his birth parents, but he understands that we will always be here for him. He knows he will be always welcome to come round for dinner – just like our own children do.”

The couple also pay tribute to their birth children for the positive role they played in the foster family.

“Our three birth children have played a big role as part of a fostering family. They have been behind us all the way since we started. With their help, understanding, encouragement and advice, David has come a long way, and that is credit to them as well as his own self-determination. They have completely accepted him as one of our own.”

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