North East foster carers share fostering moments

Author: TACT Fostering

Some of our North East-based foster carers had a meet-up to share some of their fostering moments!

Choosing Ropner Park in Middlesbrough as the venue, four carers met with Richard Leech, TACT’s Area Manager for the North East. After a meal and a catch-up, the team took some photos using our #fosteringmoments frame, and shared some of their fostering highlights.

Sheridan, who has been a TACT foster carer since 2020, said that the best thing about fostering was ‘when it feels normal for them to be living with you.’

Claire, TACT foster carer since 2021, said that ‘taking them on holiday for the first time [and] seeing their confidence grow’ was her fostering highlight.

Jade, who has been fostering for TACT since 2023, stated that simply being referred to as ‘my Jade’ was her highlight.

Mel, TACT foster carer since 2019, talked about introducing young people to new experiences that ‘you take for granted but are so special to them.’

Overall it was clear that our carers’ most memorable experiences were in fact direct reflections of their young people feeling settled and embracing new experiences. It was a heart-warming exercise that highlighted the selflessness of foster carers, and the amazing way that they enable young people to make a difference to their own lives.

Lending a hand on the day was Deputy Area Manager, Stephanie, Supervising Social Worker, Lynette and Angela – Admin Officer for the region.

As you can see from the photographs, a lovely day was had by all!