Lorraine Pascale backs sibling group foster care campaign

Author: TACT Communications

It is The Fostering Network’s Foster Care Fortnight and Lorraine Pascale – celebrity Chef, author and former foster child, is backing an appeal by fostering and adoption charity TACT (The Adolescent and Children’s Trust) for more people to consider fostering sibling groups.

There is a major shortage of foster carers prepared to look after siblings.  TACT is concerned that the impact of placing brothers and sisters in different foster homes can have a negative impact on children and young people when they are already suffering feelings of abandonment.

TACT Patron Lorraine Pascale said: “I had a positive experience of foster care, but I know only too well the issues faced by looked after children.  Being taken into care can be a confusing and upsetting time, add being split from your brother or sister in the mix and the situation can be even more distressing.”

Andy Elvin, TACT CEO said: “Sometimes brothers and sisters will be separated because it is in their best interests, but in general we know that it is important for siblings to remain together where possible, when they need a foster care placement. Children placed in foster care tell us this is what they want. Fostering sibling groups can sometimes be challenging and demanding, but it is also extremely rewarding.”

TACT foster carer Rob can testify to the rewards of fostering siblings.

Rob said “Bob and I love fostering. We went from zero children to three siblings, and at first it was a bit of a shock, our daily routines changed drastically. By offering them our time and attention they have really blossomed as individuals and their personalities have developed so much. The children have enriched our lives beyond recognition and we have learned so much over the past year. We would recommend fostering siblings to anybody.”

If you are thinking about fostering sibling groups please be aware that it is a requirement that only same sex siblings can share bedrooms.

Most people are capable of making a positive difference to a child’s life; we need carers from all cultures and religions whether married, single or living with a partner. And there is also no upper age limit to foster; some people foster well into their 70s.

If you want to find out more about fostering please go to www.tactcare.org.uk or telephone 0330 123 2250