Russian foster carers meet TACT carers and staff

Author: TACT


Foster carers from Russia have met with TACT foster carers and staff at TACT’s Hither Green offices.

The meeting  on Thursday of last week was organised by two Russian child protection organisations Klyuch Foundation and Partnership for Every Child.

It highlighted the common experiences shared by both sets of carers as well as showing the differences.

For example, every UK child placed in foster care must have their own room, but in Russia this is not the case.

It is also not uncommon for some carers to foster up to 14 children and young people at any one time.

Until a few years ago, most Russian looked after children were cared for in residential institutions. Now Russia is gradually moving more and more into foster care, hence the fact-finding visit to TACT in the UK.

Alyona Kandoba, of Partnership for Every Child, said: “We were so impressed with the amount of support UK foster carers receive – lots of training and 24-hour support and advice.

“Russian foster carers mostly seek support from each other and the community.”

Bev Crisp, TACT area manager, said: “It was great to see English and Russian carers enjoy sharing their experiences with each other.

“There was so much common ground when it comes challenges and the benefits of helping vulnerable children and young people, no matter which country they are in.”