Foster Care Fortnight 2021

Author: TACT Communications

Foster Care Fortnight 2021 comes after a tumultuous year of global pandemic and lockdowns. Throughout such a challenging time, TACT’s foster carers have been steadfastly caring for their foster children, steering them through the unsettling changes and helping them to adapt to life in a locked down world. They have been a stable and secure base for their children through the chaos of the past year.

TACT says a very big thank you to all foster carers for continuing to provide warm, loving, giving and transformative daily care to the UK’s children and young people who are in the care system.  Foster carers give of their time and themselves to heal and to nurture our children

We desperately need more foster carers, especially for teenage children and sibling groups. These are often children who have strong links with their birth families and have experienced significant trauma. Foster carers take these children into their homes and help transform the children’s lives with stability, consistency, predictability and love.

Foster carers are deserving of everyone’s thanks, respect and support.

TACT has so many inspiring and uplifting foster carer stories, and we will be sharing them during the fortnight.

In the meantime, we ask you to think about whether you or someone you know could be a foster carer.  If you have a spare room and a passion for helping vulnerable children then we will be pleased to hear from you. Simply click here or call 0330 123 2250.

If there is one thing we consistently hear from our carers, it is how very rewarding they find fostering to be. If you are seeking a truly fulfilling vocation contact TACT.