TACT contribute to foster carer’s council tax

Author: TACT Fostering

Due to financial pressures linked to the current cost of living crisis, TACT has taken the bold move to make Council Tax contributions for all of its current foster carers.

The scheme, which starts on 1st April 2024, will mean that TACT foster carers will receive two instalments annually to help with Council Tax payments. The actual amounts paid will be based on a carer’s fostering experience (in years).

Liam King, TACT’s Chief Finance Officer, said: “As a charity, TACT doesn’t make any profit or pay any interest or dividends to investors. This means every penny goes directly into providing the best care for our young people.

“We are proud of the work of our amazing foster carers. Just as we supported our carers with additional payments during COVID, TACT continue to support them through the ongoing period of high costs by making contributions to council tax. By supporting our foster carers, we are supporting them to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children that they work so hard to care for.”

According to GOV.UK, the average Band D council tax set by local authorities for 2023-24 in England is £2,065, which is an increase of 5.1% on the 2022-23 figure of £1,966. Other additional household expenses such as increased interest rates and energy costs have resulted in many households struggling to cope financially.

By making contributions to their foster carer’s council tax bill, TACT hope that this will provide some financial breathing space in the current climate.

Read more about the actual contributions paid on our Fostering Allowance page.