Support for our carers during cost of living crisis

Author: TACT Communications

TACT recognises the difficulties that our carers face in the ongoing cost of living crisis. As a charity, we are beyond profit and our sole focus is ensuring that our carers and the children and young people we care for receive the best possible support.

Last month, TACT announced additional financial support for carers following consultations with its Foster Carer Representatives group. The scheme will last until March 2023. This additional support is worth £350,000 in total, and represents a significant portion of TACT’s budget surplus for the year, underlining our commitment to our carers in these unprecedented times and our gratitude for the incredible work that they do.

TACT CEO, Andy Elvin, said: “We recognise these are exceptional times and that there is still a lot of uncertainty around. We value the support and commitment from our carers and hope that these additional payments, alongside the support that central government has announced, will help alleviate the pressures we are all feeling.”

This scheme follows previous financial support for carers made last year, recognising the impact of inflation, as well as the incredible efforts of carers during another difficult year of COVID-19. Each fostering household received additional support of £900 on average.

The wellbeing and stability of our foster families is our primary focus, and we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that we are providing the best possible support to our foster carers.

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