Celebrating GCSE results

Author: TACT Communications

Congratulations to all the young people in care who have passed their GCSEs.  Coping with Covid 19 restrictions has been bad enough, but can you imagine being a young person in care and missing periods of education because you have had to change foster homes and even schools?  How would your GCSE exam studying go if you were dealing with the emotional and mental trauma of having to leave your birth family due and go into care?

If you have faced challenges like that and still managed to pass your GCSEs we think you are amazing.

Fortunately, TACT’s young people are very resilient and have the support of their dedicated foster carers who provide a stable, caring and supportive environment for them to have the peace and space to study.

And TACT’s Education Service also plays a key role in our young people’s education journey.  Last year it handled more than 200 referrals from carers and staff to support the education of young people, ranging from expert advice to securing funding and places at specialist schools. It successfully challenged and overturned all permanent exclusions, and in doing so ensuring that no vulnerable young person is denied the opportunity to learn.