TACT respond to content of Queen’s Speech

Author: TACT Communications

TACT response to content of Queen’s Speech relating to adoption and the care system.

The Prime Minister has just had the Queen say that Her Government will introduce legislation to “ensure that children can be adopted without delay”. It is a shame that the PM hasn’t spoken to the DFE as that is not in the Bill being published tomorrow.

Instead the DfE are sensibly introducing a bill that will require LA’s to present care plans that take account of:

  • The impact of the harm the child has suffered or was likely to suffer
  • Current and future needs of the child resulting from said harm
  • The way in which the long term plan would meet these needs

All of this is eminently sensible and in practical terms it will raise the evidential bar for all care planning.

Andy Elvin – TACT CEO said: “It is a great pity that the PM had the Queen mislead Parliament and the country especially when the Bill that is proposed is balanced, does not pre-judge the best option for any given child and will lead to better long term outcomes for vulnerable children. How much better would it have been if our wonderful foster carers and those selfless family members who step forward to care for their grandchildren and nieces and nephews had heard the Queen recognise their role in helping children recover from trauma and grow up to lead happy and successful lives.”