Running a marathon to help children in care

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TACT Fundraiser

“On 28th April 2019, I will be running the London Marathon for fostering and adoption charity TACT – and it is the first marathon of my life! I wanted to run for a charity that actually meant something to me so when I came across TACT it was absolutely perfect because I am the proud daughter of foster carers, and a sister to so many wonderful foster siblings.

My parents started fostering in 1983 before I was even born. They say their reason for fostering was simply because they love children and they knew that there were so many crying out for help, who needed a loving and secure family and a place to call home. Initially, they thought they would foster one child, but after the first one came the second one, then the third one and 25 years later the number of children they have cared for reached an incredible 70!

I don’t know how it feels to grow up in a house without foster children, as this is the only reality I know. I have considered these children to be my brothers and sisters and we had normal sibling relationships – sometimes we got along, sometimes we didn’t, we fell out, we made up and so on. I believe being a part of foster family made me a more sensitive and understanding person.

My parents are now retired but over the years they have become legal guardians for several children, including my brother who is now 22 and he still lives at home with them. My parents started fostering him when he was only 3 years old. We are very close and he is so proud of me for running the marathon for TACT. When I told the news to my parents, they were honestly overwhelmed and my dad was almost moved to tears.

Sarah and her brother, Reece.


This will be my very first marathon so I’m feeling a little bit nervous. However, I’m also very excited and I am glad to have such fantastic support from my family. They have been checking in on my progress and encouraging their friends to sponsor me. My brother even offered to go on a run with me even though it’s his worst nightmare!

I am proud to support a cause so close to my parents’ hearts, and help children from a disadvantaged background.

All funds raised will go towards special activities and events which will help children and young people in TACT’s care enjoy a happy childhood, build their confidence, make friends among peers, learn essential life skills, receive educational support, therapeutic support and much more.”

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