Adoption FAQs

Who can adopt?

Is there an age limit for adoption?

There is no upper age limit to adopt, but you need to be fit and healthy enough to take an active role in the child’s physical and emotional well-being. You must be at least 21 years old to adopt. The key question is – can you provide a stable home for a child until adulthood and beyond? People of all ages can and do successfully adopt.

Do I have to own my own home to adopt?

No, but you do need a stable home with no risk of eviction and you must not have rent arrears. As part of the assessment process we will seek references from either your landlord if you rent, or the bank if you have a mortgage.

Am I able to adopt if I am working?

Yes, but you will need to take time away from work to help the child settle into your home. For younger children we think that it is important for you to be at home for as long as possible. Most children will need a lengthy ‘settling in’ period and it is likely that you will be entitled to adoption leave and adoption pay to ensure you can provide this. What’s important is that you remain flexible and fit your work commitments around the needs of the child.

Can I adopt if I have a criminal conviction?

We are passionate about ensuring that vulnerable children have a safe and secure home. As such we will carry out a DBS check as part of the fostering application process to ensure we know of any convictions.

We will assess each potential adopter on an individual basis and discuss the impact of any convictions. Having a criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent you from adopting, but it will depend on the type of offence, how long since the crime was committed and how you have lived your life since. If you have convictions you must mention them when you make your initial enquiry, early disclosure will allow us to advise and support you better.

Can I adopt if I have pets?

Yes, in fact having pets and they can often help children to relax and settle into a new home. As part of your family, your pets will be part of your adoption assessment. It is important to ensure that they are up to date on their vaccinations and they are not likely to pose a threat to any children.

Can I adopt if I smoke?

Smoking won’t necessarily rule you out from adopting. National medical advice is that children under the age of five and those with particular medical conditions should not be placed in smoking households.

The health of the children in your care will always be our priority, as such if you do smoke it will be a requirement that you do not smoke in your home or in your car.

Can I adopt if I am single?

Yes, we have many single people, both men and women who have successfully adopted through TACT. Your marital status is absolutely no barrier to becoming an adoptive parent.

Can I adopt if I am LGBTQ?

Yes, your sexuality does not affect your ability to adopt. We welcome applications from people regardless of gender, sexuality, marital status, race or religion.

Can I adopt a child if I have a disability?

Having a disability doesn’t necessarily affect your application to become an adopter, however we would need to discuss the nature of your disability or health problem with you to ensure that you can meet the physical and emotional demands of caring for a child.

Am I able to adopt if I've had/having fertility treatment?

We would generally only take up your application one year after your last treatment. Often going through fertility treatment can be a very emotional time and it’s important to make use of the time between your last treatment and adoption. Assessment for adoption has to be a thorough process, so it can at times seem intense, time consuming and intrusive. For this reason we would encourage you to take things at one step at a time.

The Assessment Process