Performance and Quality

We are extremely proud that in most of our recent inspections our offices have been rated as good or better. We put this achievement down to our professional, dedicated staff and carers who embrace our child-centred ethos.

External inspections are carried out by Ofsted (in England), The Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales and Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland.

Ofsted Reports

You can view all of our TACT regional Ofsted Reports here.

Annual Reviews

Our annual review publications provide information about our work, achievements and financial performance each year.

Download TACT’s Annual Review 2019 here.

Outcomes Report

  • 82% of our young people who have left school attend college. This compares with 80% for all young people and is above the national average for all looked after children (66%)
  • Only 2% of TACT children and young people have been convicted of an offence or cautioned in the last 12 months compared to 9% nationally
  • Only 8% aged between 16 and 18 are unemployed (better than the national averages for ALL children)

Our accreditation and standards

  • We are constantly seeking to improve our services and to attain external validation through inspection from other organisations
  • TACT was the first fostering and adoption agency to achieve the Customer Service Excellence accreditation in 2009 and has been re-approved every year since then
  • In 2012, we were reassessed by Investors in People and achieved the higher Silver level status
  • We were the first fostering service to meet all the standards of the LILAC (Leading Improvements for Looked After Children) award.

Internal quality assurance
In addition to external inspection and regulation, we also carry out a wide range of internal quality assurance processes. These include surveys of our carers, staff and young people; specific customer journey information; outcome information on the care we provide to children and young people placed with us and many other areas.

We carry out an annual review and analysis of all complaints received by the fostering and adoption service to ensure that these have been responded to effectively and any required learning has been undertaken by the organisation. These are benchmarked against previous years’ figures to ensure progress is made.

Customer surveys
During 2014/15 we have carried out a range of surveys with a range of customers including a detailed one with our young people as well as all our newly approved foster carers and adopters.

In this last survey satisfaction scores for newly approved carers and adopters were again excellent. In all cases these are scored with 10 being excellent and 0 being very poor:

  • 9/10 for the quality of information
  • 9.4/10 for the quality of the initial visit
  • 9.1/10 for the quality of the assessment process
  • 9.1/10 for the quality of the panel experience

96.2% of our carers answered yes to the question ‘would you recommend TACT to others interested in fostering’.

In our last young people’s survey we found that:

  • 96% of young people we spoke to told us their carer makes them feel good about themselves
  • 94% felt able to express their opinions about things that matter to them
  • 87% rated their carer as good or very good

These are in addition to those surveys carried out with our staff group. In five of the last six years independent reviews have been carried out through the Sunday Times Best 100 companies’ accreditation process and the results from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 placed TACT in the best 100 list. We again applied in 2015 and were successful once more.