Being a TACT Connect Mentor

We’re excited to be launching a bespoke mentoring programme for care-experienced young people, which has been made possible thanks The Big Lottery Fund.


Care experienced young people tell us that when they’re living away with another family, they feel that they don’t always have someone to talk to. Our new mentoring scheme aims to change this by connecting care-experienced young people with an older mentor who also has been in care.

The scheme has been developed in response to care experienced young people sharing with us that they would like to be able to speak to someone who has had a similar experience and knows what they’re going through!

As a mentor, you’ll help the mentee work towards their goals and overcome any challenges that they may face along the way, as well as having fun with your mentee exploring mutual interests and getting to know each other.


Many of us will remember people who have had a significant impact in our lives or who have gone above and beyond to help us in some way. These meaningful relationships can have a positive impact not just at the time, but throughout our lives. By joining us as a mentor, you could have that positive impact for a care-experienced teenager.

how does it work?

We know that meeting new people can be hard so we start slowly and the pace is set by the care-experienced young person/mentee.

Step one – The group meet (mentors not present)

We welcome all our mentees with a Connect Welcome Box (pictured ). Then we’ll invite mentees to a Teams hangout, where one of the TACT Connect Team will lead them through some fun-filled activities to help the group to get to know each and feel comfortable in each other’s company. These group meets will continue until the group of mentees feel ready to move to step two.

As a mentor you will attend training workshops to equip you with skills and knowledge and to get you ready to join a group Teams hangout with the mentees.

Step two – Introduction to the mentees

When the group is ready, we’ll then invite you and any other mentors to come and join us at one of our hangouts. This will be a very informal hangout with fun games and activities, giving mentees and mentors the opportunity to get to know each other in a group context.

These online meets will continue on a regular basis to help the group to discover likes and dislikes, as well as personality fits. When one of the mentees feels like they’ve connected with you or one of the other mentors and are ready to move onto step three, we help arrange a one-to-one meet!

Step three – One to one meetings

This is where you meet your mentee on a one-to-one basis for the first time. You might start off with a five-minute chat in a breakout room, building up meet to meeting regularly with your mentee at a time that suits you both, either in real-life or online.

Every mentoring relationship is different based on the ambitions and availabilities of both people involved. We’ll help you and your mentee work out an agreement that works for you both and then take a step back. But rest assured, we keep in touch with you both and are always on hand to help if needed.


If you are reading this information, then that’s a great start.

To be eligible, you must be;

  • Aged 18 plus
  • Care -experienced (foster care, kinship care, or other relevant experience)
  • Interested in helping young care-experienced people set and achieve goals
  • Committed to the programme’s aims
  • Committed to being a mentor for a minimum of 6 months/12 months
  • Willing to participate in group and one-to-one activities
  • Willing to undergo a DBS or other relevant check

If you’d like to get involved and meet the criteria, or you have any questions (big or small) please email us – [email protected], or complete the form to the right.

Once we know you are interested, we will arrange a ‘getting to know you call’. Then we’ll invite you to a hangout group and take the first steps to connecting with a mentee.