TACT launches election manifesto

Author: TACT Fostering

TACT has launched their manifesto, ahead of the July 4th general election.

The manifesto, made up of eight key asks, calls for all political parties to act now and prioritise children in care, foster carers and the care experienced community as part of their election promises. It also calls for profit to be removed from the children’s social care system.

Those eight requests are:

  • Launch a comprehensive and long-term foster carer recruitment campaign
  • Make care experience a protected characteristic
  • Extend the voting age to 16
  • Remove the age limit of those in care to ensure a smooth transition into adulthood
  • Focus on family time and building lifelong links
  • Invest in relationships that matter most to children
  • Implement the reviews into children’s social care and
  • Remove profit from the children’s social care system

Andy Elvin, Chief Executive Officer at TACT, said: “We must act now and invest in the re-imagining of the care system. Our children and young people’s voices need to be heard in the design of the UKs future policy, that’s why we’re calling on all parties to invest in the system so that we can achieve the transformative change the care experienced community so desperately needs.” 

Read TACT’s manifesto in full.

Alternatively, watch our video version: