“Fostering is the best thing we have done and we have never looked back.”

Author: TACT

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Lecia and John – TACT Foster Carers since 2016

We started fostering with TACT around 18 months ago. As we were only in our 20’s we surprised some people when we told them about our choice; it seems that the general perception is that foster carers are expected to be older. However, this never stopped us and if anything, I believe our young age benefits us, as it enables us to enjoy an active lifestyle with our children.

I was inspired by my mum who has been a foster carer, mostly for children with complex needs, since I was a teenager. I had helped her with her respite placements and for some time I thought that was enough for me. However, as my children got older and John and I were not able to have more children due to medical issues, we started thinking about children who really need a home. We contacted TACT and started an application process which was lengthy, but definitely worth it.

We were so excited when we were told about our first and so far only placement. We were also a bit nervous wondering whether our foster child would like us! However, when this 10-year-old boy came it was like he was always meant to be here.

Our foster son has always been a happy wee chappy and lovely company. However, for the first three months after he came he couldn’t stand being alone in his room. He was a frightened little child. To this day he still has a little bit of that fear in him, but it has only been 18 months and we can already see a great change in him. Now he is equally happy playing football with other children as he is playing alone in his room.

We live in a very small village where everyone knows and loves him. At first, we were a bit worried that as a foster child he might be treated differently in our little town, but with all honestly, he has been accepted so well, which probably has something to do with him being such a good kid. He is such a lovely little character and a joy to be around.

It has been our greatest success to give this boy a chance to start another chapter in his life. The only thing we worry about is our foster son leaving and not being able to see him again. However, TACT assured us this wouldn’t happen. At the moment this is a long-term placement, but we’re hoping he will get to stay with us permanently. Nevertheless, he will always be a member of our family to us. My children who are now 11 and 14 feel the same way, they see him as their own brother.

Every single day some of my friends complain to me that they hate their job or they’re tired because of their work. I always tell them how lucky I feel having a job that doesn’t feel like a job! I’m simply allowed to be a mum and to enjoy quality time with my beloved children. Even when our TACT social worker comes by, it doesn’t feel like she is there to do a job, rather like a family friend coming to see how we are all getting on.

I would recommend everyone who has a spare room, and is able to offer time and love to a child, to consider offering a home to a child in care. Fostering is honestly the best thing we have ever done and we have never looked back.

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