Support and training

Here at TACT, we are committed to providing a lifetime of support to adoptive families and their children whenever it is needed.

Our support starts right from the beginning, we’ll be there to support you whenever you need it, whether that is supporting you through your initial enquiry or long after you have welcomed a child into your family. We know times can get difficult and that’s why we are always here for you.

Supporting you to become an adopter

The Adoption Process can appear to be quite daunting but you needn’t worry. You will develop a close professional relationship with your social worker who will talk you through the process in detail to ensure you know exactly what is currently happening and what is due to happen next.

If you begin to feel uneasy or overwhelmed at any point, we will be there to support you through it.

Networking with other adopters

There are various adopter groups that we will encourage and help you to access. Many of our adopters have found it very helpful to meet people who have already been through the adoption process who are able to advise and support them through the process they are currently going through.

Therapeutic services

We provide play-based therapeutic services for all TACT adopters as part of our pre and post adoption support. Our approach is an effective way to develop attachment, to help children to trust in the safety of their new family and to help children and parents understand the impact of the past.

Supporting you post-adoption

There are various ways that we will offer you post-adoption support, whether this is in the form of regular activity events for both you and your children, counselling or mediation services. We understand that adoption is for life and that is why we are here for you throughout your entire adoption journey.


You will have access to various training right from the outset of your adoption journey. We offer our adopters training to help prepare them for the journey that they are about to begin. Training available includes how to help adopters understand how to meet the needs of children, developing parenting skills and understanding how to develop a bond with an adoptive child.

As an adopter you are also entitled to:

  • Priority access to schools – as well as choose which school best meets your child’s needs.
  • Free early education for your child from the age of two
  • Early Years Pupil Premium – an additional £300 for every adopted 3 and 4 year old in early years education
  • Pupil Premium – an additional £1,900 for state-funded schools to help meet each adopted child’s educational needs
  • A Life Story Book to help your child understand their early life