Could you offer a little time and make a BIG difference to K and his family?

Hello, I am K, I am 11 years old and have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, sensory processing difficulties and associated language disorders. I am also waiting to be assessed to address hypermobility issues.

I live at home with my parents and my siblings, but because of my needs they sometimes require time to rest and look after themselves, to ensure that they can give me and my siblings the best care possible.

I attend a school for children with additional needs and my parents are hoping to find carers who can provide the support and regular short break care that we need.

About me:

My parents have described me as a home bird, I would happily stay at home in surroundings that I am comfortable with and I like my own space and company. However, with gentle encouragement and time to adjust I enjoy new activities and experiences. I also like to talk a lot when I am passionate about something.

I love to read and like TY teddy toys, iPads, computers and music. I have a quirky sense of humour and enjoy telling jokes and writing stories. I also love animals but need to be supervised near them and reminded to be gentle.

I do not easily bond with people and like to feel safe with familiar people who I can trust. I benefit from regular routines and a consistent approach, therefore, it is important for me to find carers who can offer regular short breaks in a caring home environment, every other weekend (Friday to Sunday). With time and gradual introductions to the right family, I will be able to develop a positive relationship and really thrive.

Could you be my short break carers?

I need carers who have experience of working with children with additional needs, specifically with an understanding of Autism.

My behaviour is sometimes unpredictable, I have a TIC and can be very accident prone. This means I require a high level of supervision and one-to-one individualised support, as such I would need my short break care to be provided by a couple, rather than a single carer.

As my carers, I would also need your help with my personal care and “itches”. These mainly occur on my arms and I like them to be sensory stroked particularly before bed and sometimes through the day if I am anxious.

Sometimes I struggle to manage my emotions and it may not always be clear to others why I am unhappy. I can get frustrated and this sometimes results in me displaying negative behaviours such as being rude or becoming aggressive. This means that my short break carers need to be patient, understanding and supportive of my needs, but also firm as I need to know the rules and boundaries.

I need carers who will support and encourage me to engage in all activities as I can be reluctant to do so, even with those that I enjoy. I would benefit from broadening my horizons, through new experiences in different environments.

There are lots of families in Peterborough who require the support of Link Carers, to provide parents with regular breaks from caring and enable children with disabilities to develop positive relationships outside other home environment.

If you think you could provide regular care to K or a young person like him, please get in touch.