Carer stories

We understand that  there is no one better to tell you about fostering than real-life foster carers themselves. We have over 500 foster carers across England, Scotland and Wales and here are just a handful of their fostering stories.

“Fostering is the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done”

Cath and Kenny – TACT Foster Carers since 2011 North West We’ve always felt that as a family, we could… Read more »

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“Fostering has brought our family closer together.”

Cath & Kenny – TACT Foster Carers Since 2011 North West From the age of 12 and 10, sisters Ellie… Read more »

“An idea to help young refugees led us to becoming foster parents.”

Fiona and Peter – TACT Foster Carers since 2017 London and South East Neither my husband Peter or I had… Read more »

“We may not be his birth parents, but he understands we will always be here for him.”

Anthony – TACT Foster Carer since 2016 Wales I have been fostering with my wife Anita for four years. It… Read more »

“Being a foster dad means providing love, warmth, understanding and stability.”

Nick – TACT Foster Carer since 2017 South West I became a foster dad nearly two years ago. Our four… Read more »

“We like to know what’s happening in the young people’s lives even after they move on.”

Joyce – TACT Foster Carer since 2009 Scotland My husband John and I started fostering with TACT ten years ago,… Read more »

“The support we give to the young people doesn’t end when they leave our house.”

Ray – TACT Foster Carer since 2009 East Midlands My life has always been very child focused. I have a… Read more »