Adopting in Peterborough

In April 2017, Peterborough City Council entered into an innovative and ground-breaking partnership with TACT, to develop a new permanency service that will improve the outcomes for the children and young people of Peterborough who are in care or on the edge of care.

Working in partnership with Peterborough City Council, our aim is to reduce the reliance on higher cost independent fostering and adoption placements and provide a significant cost saving to the new service. This will mean that money can be better invested into providing support to our children and young people in Peterborough and the people that care for them.

As a charity everything we do is for the benefit of children in care and on the fringes of care. We are beyond profit, which means that all surplus income is invested back into our services, to ensure our adopters and the children in their care receive the best possible support.

We work tirelessly to train and support our adopters and we employ experienced and highly skilled social workers to ensure that every placement receives the dedicated support required to achieve the best possible outcome.

TACT Peterborough is more than just an adoption agency – we are also a children’s charity and campaigning body. No matter what we do, our motivation is the same; building better lives for children and young people in care. This extends to you as well; we will work closely with you throughout your adoption journey and even after you have been approved as an adopter to ensure that you have all the support you want and need.

Who are the children needing adoption?

Children who need adopting come from a variety of backgrounds, but what they all have in common is they have had a difficult start in life and can no longer be brought up by their birth parents.

We encourage all potential adopters to contact us, but our biggest need is to find adoptive families for the following:

  • Children over 5 years old
  • Children with additional needs
  • Children in sibling groups
  • Children from black and mixed heritage backgrounds
  • Babies and young children on a fostering for adoption basis.

Inter-country or Overseas Adoption

If you are interested in finding out more about inter-country or overseas adoption, please contact IAC who will be happy to provide you with more information:
020 8447 4753

Support for adopters

We understand what a big decision it is to become an adoptive parent and that’s why we’re there to support you every step of the way. As part of the matching process, we will discuss and agree an adoption support plan for your child, which will be tailored to their individual needs. At TACT Peterborough, we provide a range of training courses for adopters to help with parenting an adopted child. We also have a clinical psychology service which can offer support and advice throughout your child’s childhood.

We find that adopters may not need adoption support services immediately after adoption, but it’s good to know that the team is there whenever the need arises. As an adoptive parent you are also able to request an assessment for adoption support services which could include:

  • Advice, information and counselling
  • Training
  • Therapeutic services
  • Financial support
  • Support groups

We have staff based in all areas of Peterborough so you can rest assured knowing that wherever you are, we have highly skilled staff ready to support you through your adoption journey. Find out more in our Statement of Purpose.